on sundays we make lists no. 2 - i believe

on sundays list number 2

This is week two for my new series, on sundays we make lists, a fun project designed for fellow list lovers like myself.

this week's list regards belief: what we hold dear to our hearts...and what we can work on to make our hearts bigger.

I was a little surprised at how many of my beliefs are manner based: politeness, kindness and friendliness are important to my everyday life.

Here's my list (in no particular order):

smiling at strangers

please and thank you

personal space (like the classic song from The Police: please don't stand so close to me)

equal rights for ALL

young people are the future, so we'd better start treating them with respect

treat everyone like your best friend

dressing up a little more

saying i'm sorry

curiosity is better thank experience


artistic expression

the importance of mentoring

quiet time

dirty jokes

respect is two-way street

What I'm working on

there's so much to life i don't "get", but here's what i will work a little harder to understand


fundamentalism (any religion)

fingernail polish

political name calling

the paleo trend


smug sermons

What's on your list? Print yours here and share on twitter or instagram, if you like. Until next week and another list.