on sundays we make lists no. 1

on sundays we make lists no 1

This is week one for my new series, on sundays we make lists, a fun project designed for fellow list lovers like myself.

this week's list is all about music: your favorite songs, to be exact.

I was a little shocked to see just how many cheesy pop songs are on my list. But not embarrassed. Baby by Justin Beiber (before he started mooning people and being carried up the Great Wall of China) may not be a masterpiece, but I still love it. (The end of the song? When he sings, "yeah, yeah, yeah" on a loop? The best part of the song. Have a listen if you don't believe me.)

I kept my list to the songs that, if they came on the radio, I would immediately turn up the volume and sing along.

Here's my list:

Alarm Call, Bjork

Dirrty, Christina Aguilera

Hello, Good Morning, Diddy, Nikki Minaj & Rick Ross

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Michael Jackson

el Taxi, Osmani Garcia

Digital Witness, St. Vincent

Cheerleader, Omi

Move, Little Mix

Saeta, Miles Davis

Work Bitch, Britney Spears

I'm Dat Chick, Kelly Rowland

Rehab, Amy Winehouse

Only Time, Enya

Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Chasing Pavements, Adele

I'm So Into You, SWV

Pony, Ginuwine

Bottom of the River, Delta Rae

Who, St. Vincent & David Byrne

Ditty, Paperboy

No Diggity, Blackstreet

Rumpshaker, Wrexx N Effect

Freedom, George Michael

2009 Mashup, DJ Earworm

Ghetto Superstar, Pras

Vivrant Thing, Q Tip

One thing I've realized? I like either non-offensive pop songs or wayyyyyy dirty hip hop. Nothing in between. Huh. And while I was compiling the above list, I realized I only listen to the music on youtube...I don't watch them. Jeez, there's an awful lot of booty shaking in some of those videos.

For my challenge, I've decided to try to expand my horizons into folk music and old-school show tunes. Any suggestions on where I should start?

How about you? What on your list of most-loved songs? What genre are going to explore? Let me know below, or on Twitter or Instagram. Twitter or Instagram

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