on sundays we make lists no. 7 - favorite films


It's week seven of the series, on sundays we make lists, a  project designed for fellow list lovers like myself. Get this week's list here.


This week's list is about your favorite movies: what films transport you to another world? I have a theory about movies: within the first fifteen minutes, you're either along for the ride or looking out the window, watching the scenery go by. In other words, you either are swept along by the story, or you're bored by it. Which stories sweep you away? 

Here's my list (in no particular order)*:


willy wonka and the chocolate factory

the godfather

bonnie & clyde


life of pi

scott pilgrim vs the world


the artist


grand budapest hotel

moonrise kingdom

16 candles

the breakfast club

pride and prejudice

rear window



the devil wears prada

grey gardens

anna karenina

the shining

the thin man

gone girl

mad max: fury road

kung fu panda

the babadook

this is the end

roman holiday


*I feel like I'm leaving out a lot on this list...

What's on your list?

Print yours here and share on twitter or instagram, if you like.


Until next week (and another list...)


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