baby loves books

andy warhols colors book

How long have you been a writer? It's usually the first question people ask, when I tell them what I do for a living.

The question is always the same, and so is the answer: I don't ever remember a time when I didn't want to write, because I don't remember a time when I didn't read.

When I was a little girl, reading wasn't optional in my house: every Saturday morning we'd go to the library. No matter the weather, our mood, or if we finished all of our books from the week before. Saturday was library day.

The craving for new books and new paper's why I write now, and why I try to give books as gifts. although my niece will also (and forever and always) get tutus and sequins from's our thing. but tutus come and go, Alice in Wonderland is forever.

The books above are what I'll be giving as baby shower gifts this spring. they are classic but fun and more than a little cool.