on sundays we make lists no. 6 - worth every penny


It's week six of the series, on sundays we make lists, a  project designed for fellow list lovers like myself. Get this week's list here.

This week's list is about indulgences: where we choose to our spend  time and money, with no regret or worry. I love o travel and will never EVER regret time or money spent on wanderlust.

Here's my list (in no particular order):

  • that impromptu trip to Rome
  • tea at the Drake with my daughters
  • coffee at Starbucks
  • sending my kids on a mission trip to Costa Rica
  • that red lipstick which made me feel like a million bucks
  • that painting I had commissioned
  • every book I ever read
  • the family pass to the art museum
  • paying for a random stranger's dinner
  • the vintage bag which makes me feel like a lady when I carry it
  • buying a cello for my daughter
  • every continuing education course I've ever taken
  • tea at the Ritz with my mom


What's on your list?

Print yours here and share on twitter or instagram, if you like.


Until the next list...


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