what is sexy - a list of favorite things

whats sexy

In just a few weeks, I'm starting a new *free* series, on sunday's we make lists...a writing prompt delivered straight to your inbox, every Sunday afternoon. You can sign up for it here.

The weekly list prompts are designed to organize your mind and heart, and give you a little time to both unplug and get more connected.

Here's my list:

an unmade bed

the last sip of red wine

a whisper in your ear


the smell of old books

moss is sexy


the lingering smoke in the air after you blow out a candle

saltwater air

a book you can't put down

white tulips

your favorite song on the radio

new underwear

Saeta by Miles Davis

a handwritten letter

bare skin

the smell of the earth, after a heavy rain

sleeping in

fresh snow

fresh snow

hot chocolate on a cold day

old movies with new friends

slightly oversized sweaters

an enveloping hug

a breeze through an open window

the sun on your face

falling asleep during a rainstorm

bread, fresh from the oven

lights on a string

fresh sheets

whats sexy list

want to make your own list? download the worksheet here, and join on sunday's we make lists in January. Sign up for the free weekly prompts here.