weekend edition °12

lunch at loudermilk

Hello, my little soy vanilla lattes! The last few weeks have been crazy, with no sign of letting up just yet. Last week was WordCamp, which is where I got the delicious plate of food above. This weekend is the Atlanta Science Festival at Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday - I'll be at the SciKu tent (that's science haiku FYI). If you're in Atlanta, come and see me and we can make some beautiful haiku together. On Sunday I'll be at the Dahlonega Literary Festival. I'm on a panel with some amazing writers. If you're in the area,  stop by - I'd love to see you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

My heart is with the people of London, and my love goes to all the heroes who rushed in to help.

Gordon Ramsey's tips for home cooks.

The next time I'm stuck in a doctor's waiting room I'm putting together an online jigsaw puzzle.

What two words define your astrological sign? I'm not sure I agree with mine.

I'm on a science fiction kick right now, so I can't wait to check out these movies on Netflix.

Pranksters with a diabolical sense of humor.

41 women of color discuss their thoughts about the skin they're in.

Some phrases, completely lost in translation.

Just what I need right now: cheesy jokes and pictures of dogs.

Colors and their meaning around the world.

And even more funny dog memes.


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