weekend edition 06

Strep throat and the flu have been wreaking havoc on the school, and no one is safe.

I carry two hand sanitizers (sweater pocket and pants pocket) and open doors with a paper towel. I give no high fives and lean against no railings. But still, I woke up with a tickle in my throat and watery eyes. Noooooooooooo! I have plans for the weekend, but I'm seriously considering wrapping myself in a blanket and downing a gallon or two of wonton soup. Until then, I'm not going down without a fight - I've been hydrating and eating oranges nonstop for the past six hours. Wish me luck. Or, barring luck, a quick recovery.


Have a lovely weekend, and take your Vitamin C!


Ok, so NASA takes the best before and after pictures.

The one word that ruins apologies...I hate it, too.

Meet the guy who makes background sounds in film (and see how he does it). BTW: He seems nice.

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33 hard-to-describe emotions.

I love sarcastic Valentine's Day cards.

I....hope he finds it?

I'm eating strawberries like this from now on.

Cancel your plans: NYC's Met Museum released 375,000 photos from their archives. For free.

There's a subscription box for everything.

Seeing how cool these ladies look, might reconsider my hatred of knit beanie hats. Maybe.

A graph of the temperature of everything in the universe, from hot to cold.

Peek inside Questlove's closet.

Why didn't anyone tell me about these tips?! They'll make my life so much better.

I'm always up for a good ghost story.

So THAT'S how a car engine works.

These recipes are super easy and inexpensive, and not just for Valentine's day.

50 cult film classics...get ready to add these to your watch list.

Think you're overworked? This woman hasn't taken a day off for 27 years.

Breathtaking photos of huge ocean waves. I could look at these pictures all afternoon...

 Would you make a bouquet out of utensils?

Some gorgeous prints on the Native American Fashion Week runway.


photo: my Instagram