weekend edition 05

Welcome to the weekend (and February)! January went waaaaaaay too quickly, and I'm not exactly sure we've had winter. We had three cold days and a dusting of snow, and now it's 70 degrees. The Falcons are in the Super Bowl this weekend, and while I can't claim I'm a sports fan, I'm looking forward to watching my husband watch the game. Have a great weekend.

The best "sorry, wrong number" texts. Ever.

58 ways to improve your memory.

How to spot fake news.

Tom Brady pretending he doesn't know Trump is...interesting.

Be careful of this phone scam. Really, really careful.

How restaurants make their VIPs feel special. 

The cost of looking ageless. As in dollars. (Hint: it's a lot).

Feeling tired? Maybe a fish pillow will make you feel better.

Restaurant service so bad, it's hilarious. 

Dove trolls Trump. And I am here for it.

I'll make this salad when I want to feel like a real life fancy-pants.

Simple living tricks so easy, even I'm considering them. Especially #2.

Set a reminder to watch a star go supernova

I loved reading this report on living in the gender spectrum.

I'm not sure I could live in a rock. Could you?

The women of Iran rock an amazing street style. 

I think maybe possibly this is why I'm indecisive. Or maybe not. But probably. I guess.

A beach with vodka bottle pebbles (it's actually beautiful).

Can someone please put together an exhibit of this mashup of classic art and photography? Thank you.

Want to take better pictures? Watch this 2-minute photography class.


Song of the Week: 24K Magic by Bruno Mars


photo: from my Instagram!