Around Here Lately

Well, friends, we are just a few hours away from spring break — two days to be exact (but who's counting?).

I. Freaking. Can’t. Wait. (!!!!!)

Before I go into vacation mode, I want to catch you up on everything that's been happening in Casa Erica.

Recently I:

Watched Valley Of The Dolls for like the bazillionth time.

Valley of The Dolls


And I continue to be obsessed with lighting in parking garages:

I was a sidekick to the supertalented Caley V. of the Guerilla Haiku Movement (more on THAT later), I spoke on a panel with the insanely talented Rita Mae Brown (whaaaaaaaat?!). Definetely more on that later, too.


I'm beginning a new writing project for the month of April: new story just about every day. Stay tuned for new posts, fresh off the grill of my brain. (Ok, that went south quickly, but I think you get the point). Oh, and at the same time, I'm packing for a trip. What? You don't have a laminated packing list near your computer so you always know what to bring? Oh. Ok.

Erica Gerald Mason

I had my car serviced and totally had the waiting area to myself AND no TV. Quiet time! #winning.

photo of Valley Of The Dolls: Vanity Fair