weekend edition 08

pink oreos

Hello, my little blueberry scones! It's the weekend, and I'm relaxed and refreshed after a week off from school...here's what I've bookmarked this week (in between binge watching The Simpsons and finally starting Game of Thrones).

Have a lovely day!

I can't stop laughing: guys hold a funeral for a friend who found a girlfriend.

Visit the world's museums without leaving your computer.

Don't know how to pick or slice an avocado? This 60-second video will tell you how.

If you like art made from the things we leave behind, you'll love this.

This Beyonce Lemonade game is the best. Play on your computer (I'm stuck on Level 2)

Guess what? It doesn't matter what time you eat.

This is terrifying, and not what this country is about.

Could coding become a blue collar job?

Flowers that look like something else.

She wins Best Friend Of The Year.

song of the week: Run The World (Girls), Beyonce

photo: my Instagram