Tough Day Darling?

My Tough Day Darling List for When I'm Having A Tough Day and Feel Like I'm No One's Darling


Think about taking a nap. Don't.

Think about cooking. Don't.

Stack my unread magazines neatly. Then rearrange them. The maybe once more.

 Write a love poem.

 Sing a booty-shaking song.

Go through old emails. Maybe erase them. Maybe archive some. Archive more than I delete.

Make cinnamon toast.

Light a scented candle. 

Avoid Facebook.

And maybe Instagram, too.

Detangle my hair.

Put my hair in a ponytail.

Take a selfie.

Delete selfie.

Take my hair out of a ponytail.

Clean my closet, then get frustrated at the number of dresses I own, but somehow I don't have enough pants. 

Figure out how old I am in months, instead of years. Consider having a card printed calling me the world's oldest toddler.

Put on eyeliner, then take it off.

Play Plants Vs. Zombies.

Make lists.

Write tomorrow will better at the top of the list.

Do my best to believe it.

Believe it.

photo: Gretchen Röehrs

Xeranthemum/Cheerfulness under adversity.

This post is part of a Blogging A To Z series where I write a new, personal story almost every day (except Sundays). The theme is the hidden messages: the language of flowers.