Okay, so I’m back from the Space Coast Book Lovers signing Cocoa Beach. It rained most of the time, I ruined my favorite sandals, the humidity wrecked my hair, I gorged on fresh shrimp at every meal and I developed a weird rash on my elbow, but you know what? I had a fantastic time. And can we all agree that the best part about traveling is that someone else makes your bed? I absolutely love it.

In Cocoa Beach, I met talented authors, the engaged readers, and rock star bloggers. Oh, and I had the best chat with the coolest chick ever: an honest-to-goodness future Playboy Playmate who is just as obsessed with space as I am. (link is NSFW).

Here are a few snapshots I took from speeding cars or walking between buildings.

Next signing: Raleigh!


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Today's office: palm tree clusters and Adirondack chairs around a stone fire pit. I may never go home. #scbl2017

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All that blue.

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