Slumber Party

Oh boy, do I love to sleep.


Actually, I love the ritual of going to bed. Changing into an oversized button-down shirt (or pajamas, I LOVE pajamas!), Taking off my makeup, brushing my teeth, slicking a bit of balm on my lips, running a smidge of serum through my hair and puttering the house for a while in my night clothes.


And when my bones tell me they've had enough for today, walking to my bed, folding the covers back and then slipping between the sheets, squishing the ear plugs into my ears, fluffing my pillows, and then pulling down my favorite kitty eye mask over my closed lids.


And then I wait to fall asleep, and I don't mind the wait. I really don't.



This post is part of a Blogging A To Z series where I write a new, personal story almost every day (except Sundays). The theme is the hidden messages: the language of flowers.

photo: Breakfast & Tiffany's