Music Makes It Better

" in music?"

That was my first thought when I saw today's word: concert. After a quick peek at my Google Machine, I learned the second definition is agreement or harmony.

Hmmmmmm....this changes everything and nothing, I thought.

Here in Georgia, the pollen count is astronomical. I'm battling bronchitis, and taking a breath can feel like I'm breathing in honey, straight from the hive. My cough is persistent and loud. For the past week, closed windows and Claritin are my best friends. Fresh air is the enemy.

But as I was driving to Walgreens yesterday for more medicine, Beyonce's Crazy In Love began to play. I opened the windows and sunroof, cranked up the volume, and started to sing along. At least, I tried to. The effect of the pollen was instant: a hacking cough, wheezy breath, and burning eyes.

I warbled my way through the song, then sealed myself off from the world again. Even with my entire body becoming a list of symptoms, for those three minutes, I was in perfect harmony.

With music in my ears, the wind in my face, and sun on my hair, I could do anything. Even if it's just for a little while.

Nettle Tree/Concert

This post is part of a Blogging A To Z series where I write a new, personal story almost every day (except Sundays). The theme is the hidden messages: the language of flowers.

photo: Rebecca Hansen