describe yourself in six words


For the second year in a row, one of my poems will appear in the Indie Lounge of the Sundance Film Festival! Creating custom poems for events is one of my favorite ways to write.

Unlike my other writing, having an event or theme in mind is invigorating. I love thinking about the experience of the reader when they discover my poem: why are they at the event? who are they? what do they do? what do they hold in their heart? And I write from there.



Last year, the poem print was breathless and dreamy, so I wanted this year's verse to feel more practical. But still a bit starry-eyed. I began to think about filmmakers, and how they are  modern storytellers...but how they are so much more than that. In a way, they are also magic makers, philosophers, sociologists, psychics, and educators.


It made me wonder, what six words would I use to describe myself?  I'd use storyteller, of course, but also

  • writer
  • artist
  • woman
  • practical
  • optimist.


But I think the beauty of these words is that some of the words shift, change places, or swap out for other words. We are all six words, but those words change. And that's a beautiful thing.


After writing and designing the prints, I set out to design the envelope. I wanted each one to feel like a little love note. I wanted it to feel like middle school days. When a friend passed you a note, and you couldn't wait to see what was inside. But a bit minimal. And sealed with love, of course.


What six words would you use to describe yourself? Have your six words always been the same? Or have they evolved? Oh, and if you're at Sundance, stop by the Indie Lounge and grab your free love note! But hurry, there are only 100 available!