weekend edition 02


How was your week? We had snow for 48 hours, followed by ice for another 36. And now it's 60 degrees, so I no longer know how to get dressed for whatever season it is at the moment. We had snow days last Friday, then again Monday and Tuesday. And school will be closed on Monday for the MLK holiday. What's a routine? Asking for a friend...

Here's what shakin' around the internet this week:

This is what you get when you combine rock climbing and ballet.

OMG, Stranger Things is coming back, and I can't wait.

Can this quiz pick your favorite drink? I got champagne. Was thinking I'd get sangria.

An artistic take on the phrase "mind your own beeswax"

Can you tell the difference between a kiss between friends and a kiss between lovers? This art asks you to decide

What it's like to be a plus size figure model in an art class.

Wow. Bet the bride regrets having this woman as the maid of honor at her wedding.

This artist ships glass via Federal Express and creates beautiful, broken sculpture.

Lovely. Gorgeous. And created without Photoshop. "In Love" is my favorite.

I don't understand why Facebook won't take this disturbing video down. (Link is to an article, not the video itself).

A woman wears a Chewbacca mask during labor, and I think I want to be her best friend.

Why you should never stop creating cool stuff.

Katy Perry financed this PSA, and now I'm off to listen to Firework again.

Looking for something to watch on Netflix? Of course you are (I am, too). Here's a list of documentaries to add to your queue.

Why you should read a book this weekend. And also anytime.

Elle magazine has an excerpt of Roxane Gay's new book, Difficult Women. It's devastating and gorgeous and pulls you in immediately.

Speaking of books, I just bought this one. Has anyone read it? It's been getting a lot of buzz. What did you think?


photo: Erica Gerald Mason