Weekend Edition 01

What do you have planned for the weekend? Snow's in the forecast, a rarity for Georgia, so everything's been canceled. It's like a bonus weekend. I've got a full pantry, a stack of books, a Netflix queue, and an armful of new scented candles.

Here's what happening around the web…

The American Girl 2017 Doll of the Year is pretty darn cool.

A list of the upcoming midseason TV shows (I can't wait for The Young Pope).

How to say 'no' to anyone (even a good friend).

This post on caring for your winter sweaters comes at the perfect time.

In the mood to watch a sad movie? Watch these.

Michelle Obama's final speech as first lady is just as lovely as you thought it would be

The Carrie Fisher-Debbie Reynolds HBO Documentary is appointment television.

Anyone can be a ballet dancer, all you have to do is love to dance.

This keychain makes me laugh.

All the ways Adele is amazing.

Would you drink coffee that keeps you up for 18 hours?

I love origami animals.

How to stand up for yourself.

When your shirt matches your drink. Every day.

The difference between Important vs Urgent



photo: Time.com