year in review - twenty fifteen

2015 year in review

The last two weeks of the year. Your everyday routine is suspended and time stands still for just a little while. The time of year for nostalgia and introspection: take a moment to reflect on all you have encountered, created and completed during the last 12 months, and plan for the next 12.

Here are the questions I'm asking myself. (Oh, and my post on goals for 2016 is coming tomorrow.)

fifteen questions to end 2015

if you had to describe your 2015 in 5 words, what would they be?

what single achievement are you most proud of?

what books did you read this year?

what was the nicest thing someone said to you?

what problems did you solve?

what lessons did you learn?

what skills did you learn?

if 2015 was a song, what kind would it be? Fast and upbeat? Slow start, fast finish?

what was the best gift you received?

what was the best gift you gave?

what was your favorite holiday?

what little, everyday joys did you have this  year?

did you do anything for the first time?

did any of your preconceived notions change? 

did you buy anything you absolutely fell in love with?