Witch Cast

A pin from the Witch Cast mood board on Pinterest.

A pin from the Witch Cast mood board on Pinterest.

I can't wait for y'all to read Witch Cast. It's a retelling of the eastern European legend of the witch Baba Yaga. It’s available exclusively in the Wings of the Wicked boxed set.

Here's an excerpt:

Yaga looked at her coven with pride. They looked relaxed and sure of themselves, totally prepared to wreck the humans. Winnie flew to a tree and stood on a limb. She took a deep breath and began an incantation.

Let the wind do my bidding
Let the wind be my arms
These men wish us dead
Instead, cause them harm.

The wind howled as it poured into the meadow, pressing the men flat against the ground. One man in a red shirt begged for mercy from the witches, and his friends waved their hands in surrender. The first man, the man who wanted to fight, crawled to the edge of the meadow and pressed his back to a tree trunk. He edged his body up until he reached a standing position. He motioned for his friends to follow him, and the men made their way to the trees. Winnie motioned for the wind to follow the men, but the trees gave the group too much cover. Minnie held up a hand to stop Winnie and pointed at Yaga.

The young witch summoned a flock of white owls to fly into the men. As the birds flapped and clawed at their skin, the men ran into the meadow to escape the attack. One man made a move to run into the forest, but another man, a man in black, grabbed him back. He shouted something at his friend that the witches could not hear. The group fumbled with their guns and struggled to aim them at the witches above them. Yaga clapped her hands, and the owls disappeared into the night.

Minnie looked at her sisters, who waited for their orders. “Let them suffer your fury, sisters.”