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โ˜ƒ For those of you who are new to me, I write romantic comedy, mysteries, and suspense with a paranormal twist. My book in the Wings of The Wicked boxed set is called Witch Cast. This is the first book in my Chaos & Curses Series, which is a series of stand-alone dark fairy tale retellings books.

Here's a little bit about Witch Cast:

The sun rose as the angry witch flew toward the blinking lights of the town ahead. The fleeing men thought the quietness of a sleepy town would keep them safe, but she would make sure they knew no happiness, no peace, no comfort. Only after she made them feel as if their death was certain, would she kill the group of friends. And if she couldnโ€™t get to them, sheโ€™d kill the whole damn town.

Youโ€™ll love this dark tale of revenge. Kind of like The Craft meets Kill Bill. (But without the gore).

โ˜ƒYaga is a witch with a capital B, and I canโ€™t wait for you to meet her.

Witch Cast cover

Meet Yaga

Revenge is a witch.

โ˜ƒOn this blog stop, I am giving away...a name! That's right YOU get to pick the name of a wicked stepsister in my upcoming Cinderella retelling. (Pssst: this might be the chance to get even with your archenemy...I'm just sayin'). This will be another book in the Chaos & Curses series.

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