what i didn't write in 2015

what i didnt write

As I write this, there are less than 16 hours until 2016. And while other blogs are busy doing their "best of" series, I thought I'd write about my "never was" list. The subjects which never made it to the blog.

I write every day. Seriously. Every day. Some days it's a quick little poem, other days (like today), I grab a notebook and pen, and spend all day writing in a corner. Invariably, there are three piles: the Yes's, the No's and Maybe's.

Here's a list of the 2015 set asides...the bits and pieces I tried my best to write about, but came up with nothing:


  • my abject hate for the word colorectal.
  • this Korean barbecue sauce which my local grocery store no longer carries, but I found on Amazon. Every time I tried writing about the sauce, I ended up making more barbecue.
  • why pancakes are better without syrup
  • the art of the sneeze
  • why The Flintstones are better than The Jetsons
  • the difference between hate watching a tv show and actually hating a tv show
  • what To Kill a Mockingbird means to me (although i tried in this post)
  • my ultra-competitiveness while playing MarioKart
  • a stack of blackout poems i started, but never quite finished
  • my love for figs (although I wrote about my love of peaches in my new book)
  • how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • my favorite pen
  • why i can recite Samuel L. Jackson's line from the film deep blue sea
  • drive-in movies
  • why I write a poem before breakfast, every morning
  • hot chocolate and peanut butter cups (see the Korean barbecue reason, above)
  • my neighbor's cat is a bit of a jerk

Maybe I'll tackle some of them again in 17 hours...err...next year.