life in pictures

Maybe we disagree on sports, art, books, music, or politics, but I'm willing to bet folding money we can agree that collectively we have too many photos on our phones. I'll start the healing with an admission: *deep breath*.... I have over 6 thousand pictures on my cell phone. I'm not proud of this. My phone is slow and it's 100% because my pictures are taking up too much storage. My goal is to delete, post or store 10 photos a day until I get to 0.

Hahahahahaha, I know right? Here are my most recent snapshots:

We spent Saturday afternoon in Dahlonega, a cute town in Northern Georgia. On the ride home, we found ourselves chasing the pink and blue sunset, and not minding the traffic at all.

This picture is oversaturated, a little too yellow and I wish I had stepped back about three feet. But boy o boy, I love seeing an assortment of perfectly stacked fruit.

We stopped by Bonehead's for piri piri salmon and the newly renovated restaurant was Blue. Everything from the pictures on the walls to the lights in the fixtures. As our food arrived at the table, I didn't know if I'd ever see that much blue indoors ever again, so snapped this picture of the wall. 


Oh, and this is the table at Boneheads. And my iced tea.

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain, but the rain in Georgia beads up on my car.

2017-01-28 08.29.13 1.jpg

Seen on Buford Highway: a Happy New Year sign, half in shade.


Taken at my vet's office (before the Super Bowl, of course).