i heart drugstores

Here is something about drugstores that I love from my eyebrows to my toes: you can walk into just about any one of 'em and buy just about everything.

Today I was at the Walgreens near my house and I bought marshmallows, eyeliner, ankle socks, conditioner, headphones, batteries, a Get Well card, a candle that smells like the world's cleanest beach, and a magazine. And I went in for cotton balls. And I forgot to get them.

There are two drugstores in my neighborhood: a Walgreens and exactly across the street, a Rite Aid. And I'm ruthlessly cutthroat; I play no favorites and have no system.


We stop by Walgreens on our way out to a movie to get our pre-film candy and soda: anything chocolate for me, with a Coke, in case you're wondering. But I stop by Rite Aid on our way home to get Q-tips and hair gel.

The cashier at Rite Aid knows what kind of lipstick I like and tells me about cool new shades.  The manager at Walgreens knows I scope out the clearance aisle and lets me know when they've added new markdowns.

When I took my passport photo at Walgreens the photo guy waited while I fixed my hair, then told me it looked nice.  And the sliding doors at both feel like they open just for me.