inspiration: sunrise, a song of two humans

sunrise, a song of two humans

sunrise, a song of two humans

The Sundance Film Festival starts shortly (and did I tell you I wrote a poem that will be in The Indie Lounge? Well, I did!). I love the idea that right now, at this very minute, there are brand new unseen-to-us films that will someday be considered masterpieces. So filmmaking and storytelling is on my mind of late...and I'm going back and rewatching some classics. 

I'm a little (ok a lot) late to the silent film renaissance. But once I started, I couldn't stop. Back when we still had cable, I watched (and rewatched) silent film classics on Turner Classic Movies and attended silent film nights at our local theater.  Broken Blossoms, The General, The Kid and Cabiria stand out as memorable. But my all-time favorite is Sunrise.

It's a tiny story told with an open heart: a man is tempted by an evil seductress, who encourages him to kill his wide-eyed and innocent wife. Romance, murder, innocence, betrayal...oh, and a carnival.

You can watch the film in it's entirty on YouTube, or buy it on Amazon on DVD or BluRay.

Watch, and enjoy.