Silver Wear

For anyone who’s trying to up their style game, belt buckles and jewelry are a perfect (and budget-friendly) way to start.

They’re super easy to switch out and best of all, you don’t have to worry about overfilling your closet. A half dozen belt buckles take up little to no space. And jewelry? You can literally keep a hundred rings in a kitchen drawer.  How do I know this? I do more than collect jewelry....I gather jewelry. I keep a pair of earrings in the cup holder of my car. The coin section of my wallet holds a pair of earrings as well. On the table near the front door rests a vintage saucer which holds a necklace and a few pairs of earrings. I keep at least two pairs of sunglasses in my car at all times, one brown pair and one black pair. I am accessories obsessed. So when Montana Silversmiths recently asked me to review their new collection, I happily agreed... and soon a bracelet and a belt buckle arrived at my door.

I looooooooooooooooooove the belt buckle and will wear this pretty thing until the day I freaking die. I'm super picky about belt buckles. First and foremost, they have to be functional. I wear belts with jeans more often than I wear them with skirts or dresses and I like my belts to be slightly slouchy. I love wearing them a finger width or two below the button closure, so it feels less done. More casual and less try hard, non? But even worn slouchy, if they don't hold your pants up or pull your outfit together, then what's the point? Oh and the buckle itself can't be too big or the metal will press into your stomach every time you move. Too small, and the belt won't stay in place; you chase it all day as it moves around your waist, and then you'll look down and your buckle is on your right hip. This is the Goldilocks of belt buckles. The skull and feather design is flat-out gorgeous with an impressive amount of detail, and the oval shape hits all the right notes. I pulled this baby on at 8 a.m. yesterday morning and left it alone. No tugging or chasing necessary.

2016-11-03 08.40.57 1.jpg

The Shimmering Knot bracelet was a fun surprise. It's ever so slightly bendable, with the added security of a lobster claw closure. For someone like me, who had a bracelet slip off my wrist and down a sewer drain (twice!), it's a lovely touch. I gravitate toward versatile and dainty little pieces for daytime and the Shimmering Knot will go with everything. I love wearing tiny pieces that catch a large amount of light. I snapped the photo below as I waited in the car for my daughter.  I'll wear this often and most importantly, it will be one of those pretty workhorse pieces that I don't have to think about:

I'll ask does this go with what I'm wearing? And the answer will be, Yes. Yes, it does.


FYI: Montana Silversmith provided the items for this review, but my opinion (words + photos) are 100% my own.