Under $25 Emergency Gift Guide

little gift guide

My favorite gifts to give during holidays, birthdays or special occasions are accessories...specifically clever socks, fun jewelry, and gifts that support a good cause.

I try to keep little fun, inexpensive (but still thoughtful!) gifts in the car between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, in case I find myself in a gifting emergency. It came in handy last year when I went to a friend's Christmas party without realizing I needed a present for the gift exchange.

Here's what I'm buying this year (everything under $25!):

1. A sparkly safety pin. The movement to wear our friendship on our lapels is spreading, and even if you don't agree with how it came into existence, the message to strangers is beautiful: I am your safe space, and while I can't do everything, I can stand with you.

2. A cowboy buckle. I've written about how much I love this buckle before, and I'm adding this to my shopping list this year. It's juuuuuuuuust outside the parameters of the guide at $26, but I couldn't leave it off the guide. It's that cute.

3. A bit of cockiness. I am 100% in love with this belt buckle, and I hope I can summon the spirit of Christmas to give it away.

4. Little kitty pearl earrings. These are the holy grail of earrings...dainty and sexy at the same time.

5. Subversive socks. The socks look pretty and girly, but "Shut Your Pie Hole" is the message at the toe box. Professional enough for work (no one will know you're wearing them unless you tell them), but still just a little snarky.

6. Pink gummy bear keychain. Because everyone needs a gummy bear keychain. Especially those who think they don't.