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a new definition of love

(editor's note: this post first appeared on this site on June 24)

What  do you think of when you think of the word 'love'?

Love is with you at the very beginning, patiently waiting it out with you in the middle, rooting you on at the end and tucked into the tiny corners of unexpected places. Love is the question, the answer, the exclamation point, the reason and the because.

Love is everything.

There are moments when you have to stubbornly and steadfastly channel every iota of your energy into love.

Sometimes love isn't as easy as you would read about in fairy tales or as you watch delightfully breezy soft-focus films. Sometimes it's hard, heavy work. That's when something extraordinary shifts into place.

Love stops being a question and starts becoming a dare.

So. I dare you.

I dare you to love the seemingly unlovable.

I dare you to love yourself when no one else does.

I dare you to allow your feelings to matter just as much as the other guy's feelings.

I dare you to love yourself enough to walk away. Or to walk towards. Or to love yourself enough to not rush into a hasty decision made from fear. 

I dare you to love when you have every reason not to.

I dare you to love when you are terrified.

Love in the way which makes your heart, your brain, your life and your world expand.

I dare you.

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