no ordinary office

A little peek into my craft fair setup for Marketplace 120's Spirit Fair:

I wanted a portable craft fair display, but more importantly I wanted it to be unique. I searched Amazon, Michael's and JoAnn's and very quickly realized how expensive a show display can be.

So I started over and looked to see what I had  at home. I started with what was important to me: it needed to be extremely portable, easy to set up, in keeping with my aesthetic, and practical. Here's what I brought.

vintage samsonite suitcase
  • a vintage suitcase (bought at Goodwill a few years ago for $4)
  • my poems and vintage paper tucked inside
  • gold binder clips
  • a wood desk organizer
  • a bunny light
  • a pink cashmere scarf
  • vintage books (including a Choose Your Own Adventure!)
  • a smile

I was able to carry my work easily and quickly. And most importantly, in one trip. 

Not shown, a small candy dish filled with Hershey's Kisses, my books, and a sign-up for my email list.