Grace Kelly was gorgeous. Growing up, I admired her cool pale beauty, her looseness. I was captivated by her mystery - her sense of existing in a place but also seeming to be somewhere else. I admire that calm but detached quality.


But I am not Grace Kelly. I am not graceful.


I giggle when somebody says fart. I cannot keep a mysterious I wonder what she's thinking face. I guarantee you, within moments of meeting me, you can read each emotion on my face, as I have them.


It took me a long long time to be okay with that... and now...I'm okay with being not Grace Kelly.


I'm okay with the fact that if I wear white I will invariably spell catsup on me, even if what I'm eating does not contain ketchup. I love the fact that when I laugh, you can hear me from across the room and probably even outside in the hallway.


I love Grace Kelly - I think she's amazingly beautiful. But I think that she is one kind of beauty. I think there are a 7 billion kinds of beauty, one for every person in the world. And think that's the most beautiful thing, ever.


Cowslip/ Divine Beauty


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photo: Art of Film; illustration, Dangerdom Studios