25 ways to get out of a rut

how to get out of a rut

That feeling of intense boredom and overwhelming malaise...otherwise known as a rut. A place where the activities you once loved and enjoyed, now  seem dull, foggy  and full of 'blah'.

The key to getting out of a  rut is to break through old patterns and the comfortable, everyday routine you have built up for yourself.

Here's 25 activities designed to get out of a rut and do a reverse belly flop into a pool of inspiration:

  1. Go on a photo safari.
  2. Leave an encouraging note in a library book.
  3. Catalog your dreams.
  4. Keep a notebook of inspirational sayings.
  5. Listen to a different radio station for the afternoon.
  6. Take a vow of silence for a day; take note of what you hear.
  7. Go somewhere you’ve never been.
  8. Create a beautiful dinner.
  9. Sing in the car, with the windows down.
  10. Draw a photo.
  11. Re-read a book you loved as a child. 
  12. Take a different route home from work/school. Take note of the differences.
  13. Go to a paint store; write a poem or short story incorporating the names of paint.
  14. Write directions from home to work, using only landmarks, not streets.
  15. Make a Pinterest board around a single color theme.
  16. Draw a picture of your favorite item of clothing.
  17. Take a photo a day of the letters of the alphabet, using only signage.
  18. Do the same thing as #24, only with numbers 0 - 20.
  19. Write down the most sarcastic insults you’ve ever heard.
  20. Think of responses to the insults of #19.
  21. Find a secluded spot to watch the sunset.
  22. Imagine what the view from #21 was like 100 years ago.
  23. How will it be 100 years from now?
  24. Write to your future great-grandchildren; tell them about your life and times.
  25. Write down the lyrics to songs you dislike. Rearrange them to make a poem or micro-story.