It's Time

its time

Today's the big day. Stop reading. Stop researching and start doing.

It's time.

It's time to start putting all of those collected theories into practice. It's time to stop waiting for the perfect time. It's time to stop going through your notes and books and files. It's time to pick something (anything) and start.

I've been taking part of the Small Product Lab by Gumroad. In the lab, participants create and launch a product in just 10 days. I've learned a bunch about product development, but more about my ability to make excuses. I'm great at creating, but not so great at promoting. And I make excuses. Or I research. Or I make pages and pages of notes.

But today is Launch Day, and it's time.

I don't know what will happen. I can't guarantee success. I can't predict failure. But I do know that what happens next will happen because of what I do today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.

There's an old saying: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. Scratch that. It's right now. Do you know how long it takes to plant a tree? It takes less than five minutes. You to scratch a little hole in the ground, drop a speck of a seed, cover it with dirt and water it. Then every day, for a few minutes, you look after it. Bing, bang, boom...20 years later, you have a tree.

It's time. I'm taking a deep breath, and diving in. Will you join me? We can jump in together. Why wouldn't you?

Do you think you don't deserve it? Do you think it's too hard? Are you scared you'll put your all into it, and it will end in failure? Or, are you scared people will make fun of you? 
Do you not want it enough to try? Is it not really your dream after all, but someone else's?  Are you afraid of success? 

It's time.

its time to start

Start. Start something, even if it's the smallest action. Do it, and do it, RIGHT THIS SECOND. 

Register that domain name
Write  100 words
Send an email blast saying you're taking clients
Contact a potential mentor
Come up with a killer name for your business
Set up that blog

Start taking action, no matter how seemingly small. Stop claiming your inaction is due to lack of money or time. All of the above can be done with less than $15 and in less than 15 minutes. Stop pretending you can't, because you can.

It's time.