The Find What Matters Project





It started as the smallest kernel of an idea: take pages of old books and build tiny little found poems from their words. A desire to curate the words found on the page, to transform them into something new with just watercolors and markers. The project has now evolved into A Poem Upon Waking, where I write one little poem...first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed.

The project, which began as a method of re-igniting my creativity and honing my writing style, has transformed and shaped my life and worldview.

All because I felt stuck. Uninspired. Muted.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one. Maybe you're in the middle of your own  journey, and you want (or need) a sort of a traveling companion. 

I didn't see anything out there which spoke to me. There’s so much information out there, about manifesting, attraction or blocks. I still don't really know what that last one is. Read this, do that, eat that, think this, chant that, ohmygod never ever ever do that. A good chunk of the advice out there is good, actionable information. But this....isn't that.

A lot of the information centered on the idea that we're broken: not good, not in alignment, not smart, not enlightened. I'm not interested in that type of thinking.

I believe in front of each of us, there's a series of doors with our names on it.

And if we are brave enough, strong enough, happy enough, scared enough...when we've just had enough we stop standing in front of the door, and we have the courage and curiosity to open them. Some take longer than others. Some hold triumph, some hold heartache. We must open each door not knowing what's on the other side; but when we're ready, we take a deep breath and open it anyway. You open your door and I open mine. And while we each have to open the specific door in front of us, entirely on our own and in our own unique way...somehow we're able to walk through the threshold together. And take whatever is waiting for us on the other side and make it matter. To make it count for something.

I’m sharing the project with you in the hopes that you’ll find some type of cheer, comfort or connection. That maybe it’ll pick you up, whisper in your ear and help you walk to your door. To wonder what's on the other side.  Maybe even to turn the handle. That it'll reassure you that yes, at this very moment you may be cursing because you can't find your damn shoes, you burned the popcorn again or have one more meeting you can't get out of...that while you may feel like there's nothing at all special or wonderful or exceptional about you (oh, but there is), that throughout all of this, you are most certainly not alone. In any of this.

Or, I might be crazy, and I'm the only one who feels this way. But I have a feeling I'm not.

I want you to know you're not alone...and you never were.

Let's see where the next door takes us. And let's make it matter.



PS: Here's a video of the original found poetry project: