What does living a minimalist life really mean?

what does living a minimalist life really mean

I'm very interested about the concept of minimalism; it means many things to different people. If you're thinking of a minimalist lifestyle, you need to ask yourself a simple question: What type of minimalist am I?

What does living a minimalist life really mean?

Generally speaking, there are 5 types of minimalism.

If you're considering a minimalist life, here's a quick list of the basic schools of thought of minimalism:


1. Frugality. The primary aim is to save money. Aesthetics may be important, but not at the expense of...well, expense.

2. Spiritual. A Clean, sparse environment , or one with clean lines, is desired to keep the mind and soul clear of clutter.

3. Aesthetic. Cost is not necessarily an issue. The best or most luxurious items will be considered if the criteria of  form function, quality and beauty are met.

4. Environmental. A desire for fewer possessions and it's positive impact on the planet. Extra consideration is given to the carbon footprint of each purchase. Can include recycling, meat consumption, d-i-y and re-purposed items.


5. Productivity. The simplest way is usually the faster way. Time is of the essence, with the desire to hack or streamline processes.

I'm pretty much an even mix of all five; I don't consider myself to be an extremely strict minimalist, but I'm in the process of questioning the purpose of both my purchases and the items with which I surround myself.

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