A Week Like This One

...began with sunshine playing among the paper pyramids and gold cones on the living room table.

and then I

kissed my husband as he left for work

hugged my laptop to my chest as I brought it to the couch

feet up on the coffee table

head against the cushions

wrote a little

read a lot

called a few people

picked Piper's medicine from the vet

laughed at the vet's sign

ate leftover chorizo pizza for lunch - spicy

drank three glasses of water - thirsty

worked at school - lady in red


stepped back into the well-worn comforts of home 

made it home before the thunderstorm - lucky

lit scented candles - cozy

dinnertime - hungry

discovered a Topshop delivery & an unread magazine underneath a pile of junk mail - giggly

Netflix + HBO go - snuggly

farewell to Monday and Tuesday, and goodnight.

I love days like these.