live with love: a tiny manifesto

love: a tiny manifesto

the first question is: before I criticize, how can i help?

  • don't apologize for your beginning.

  • wear what you want.

  • stay curious. 

  • read more.

  • encourage people who want to give up.

  • cheer on people who are afraid to start.

  • don't be friends with people who don't value you.

  • listen more.

  • complain less.

  • sing in the shower....

  • and also not in the shower

  • speak up more.

  • keep trying.

  • show up for friends.

  • ask for help when you need it.

  • say no to things which devalue you.

  • say yes to things which will make your world bigger.

  • try harder

  • don't laugh at someone else's beginning.

  • don't expect your beginning to look like someone else's middle

  • in a group, say hi to someone you don't know.

  • dream a little bigger

  • stand up for people who can't stand by themselves

  • be willing to have uncomfortable conversations

  • do a little dance.

  • make a little love.

  • get down tonight.


the last question is: did I do it all with love?

What's in your manifesto?