The Things We Don't Say


Are you guilty of coveting someone else's Instagram feed? As I swipe down, down, always down, I pause over the feeds of strangers. With each pretty, glossy and lush photo, I have a small glimpse into their beautiful lives.  And yeah, it's easy to look at snapshots and think: this person is living a perfect life.

Umm. Not always.

Life is never perfect. It's messy, jumbled and sloppy and things don't always get tied up in a neat little bow.

But here's the funny thing. This is my jumble and I've grown to love it. Mayhem and all.

I raise my glass of iced tea to you today: cheers to you all.

To the dreamers who imagine the smallest of dreams, the grandest dreams, and everything in between. Who push through doubts to keep dreaming. Keep imagining. Keep creating.

To the independent thinkers who feel superhero level strong, yet secretly scared, but mostly strong.

To the tough cookies who privately sit in a corner and sob in frustration, then get up, wipe their tears and get on with it.

To everyone who lives a beautiful, wild, and jumbled life.

To everyone who surfs the happy moments and swims like hell through the tough times.

 I see you.

I'm one of you. 

We're not perfect, but we're here, doing the things that need doing. And that's all that matters. (Click to Tweet)