The Universe Does Not Give a Shit About You

the universe

The Universe doesn’t care about you. And, thanks to Bill Nye and Amy Schumer, you can find out exactly why.


Here's the truth about the Universe:

Picture the Universe as a long, winding highway. You, me and everyone we know is but one tiny piece of asphalt that makes up the entire highway. The Universe doesn’t care if you are happy. The Universe isn’t sending you a sign about what business you should start. It’s also not telling you to break up, stay with, marry, or have kids. It’s most certainly not advising you on what you should buy, or what to wear. No, those things are your intuition. And follow them, or not. But the Universe doesn’t care. Nope. Not even a little, tiny bit.

The Universe Doesn’t Revolve Around YOU

Because if it did, why would it let the Holocaust happen, skip over the current HUGE human trafficking problems, just to tell you that you should totally GO to your high school reunion? Where’s the logic in that? And, could you with a straight face, explain why your high school reunion/yoga pants/wedding is more important to the Universe than real human suffering? Hmmm? No. Or is it that the Universe showing up (manifesting) only for you because you are more tapped into its’ source? Bless your heart.

What Does Manifesting Mean?

Manifesting means you’ve worked your ass off to get somewhere. And when the opportunity presented itself, you were aware enough to recognize it. And were ready, willing, and able to rise to the challenge. Even if you weren’t 100% ready, willing and able. You put in the sweat, the hours or the research. You listened more than you talked, and just got the stuff done that needed to be done. I love this video from Hustle and Flow.


I’m often asked about my line in the sand when it comes to the Universe. I believe in mindfulness and thoughtfulness. I strongly believe in the power of meditation and perception. What I do believe is this: you, me and everyone we 1000 years, it’s unlikely anyone on this planet (or the next) will know our names.

I was thumbing through some musty magazines at a thrift store last year when I came across the name 'Diana Dors'...she was a big deal in her time...she was the British Marilyn Monroe. Anyway, most people now don't know she was. And she lived a full life: married three times, risqué modeling, drug-induced sex parties at her home, a few marriages and a few abortions. She caused scandal in the UK when, desperate for money, she sold her story in serialized form. She named names and had the film footage to back it up. I mention her now, because reading about her made a difference to me then. If someone with such a public history of infamy is now largely unknown, there is little to no chance that my life will make a blip on someone else, or in 100 years. Rather than being depressing and making me feel as if my life had absolutely no meaning, it was extremely freeing: if no one is going to remember me or my struggles, then why not reach for the stars? The universe, if you will? Why not live, fully and completely, right now?

I decided then to let the Universe be the universe. A collection of stars, planets and galaxies. A place to look up and gaze and dream and wonder and hope. And maybe wish upon a star.

And to allow the earth, the here and the now, to be a magical place where I make the stuff I want happen.

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