the first poem we wrote together


Last week I posted a challenge on my Facebook page: let's write a poem together.

I provided the first line: we couldn't stop laughing if we tried, and asked for help with the rest. And respond you did; via direct message and right there, on the page. 

To those of you who participated (both the named and the anonymous) Thank you. And let's do this again soon...

we couldn't stop


if we tried

in my memory

each time our eyes


we set each other off


our happiness never ends

life is funny that way

even if we tried to

bear the crown

be the one who has the


the one who wants to

wear the crown

my love my friend my heart

the happiness of my life was at

an end

it's funny how a laugh changes

now it's full of pain

back then

my now

felt like


Thanks to the lovely anonymous contributors 1, 2, 3 and 4. And to Mary Weinzapfel Lee, Neha GuRung,  Anusay Ajubrag, KeranHabbu Mahato.


the poem we wrote together