We Still Eat Day Old Bread And It Tastes Just Fine

Blue Door In Havana Vieja

We didn't miss wifi until we had wifi again. How's that for irony?

The dealie-o? A week-long vacation in Cuba. Wifi available only in public parks. And even then, you have to buy a special card, which allows you an hour of use. And those stores weren't exactly on every corner. We checked into Facebook to let everyone know we arrived safely, then turned our wifi off.

We walked down unknown streets. We swam in new waters. We chased the sunset. We explored an unfamiliar country.

We played.

And the world was there, waiting for us when we got to the airport for our flight home.

And when we bought our wifi cards, we tapped our fingers in annoyance at how long it took to connect. We groaned when our pages loaded too slowly. And when our time was up, we grumped about how quickly the time went by.            

Wanna buy another set of cards? - I asked my husband.

Nah, he said. Yeah, me neither, I said.

I put my phone down and lifted my head up. Every email, status update, photo upload, and direct message could wait until the next day. I was still on vacation.

Hyacinth / Sport. Game. Play.


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