a creative life, on purpose

on purpose

Life doesn't come with an instruction manual, filled with the recipe for the Secret Sauce of Happiness. When we write that book or put the brush against that canvas or close our eyes, tilt our head back, open our mouths and sing...we don't always know what happens next.

We're all figuring this out together.

Some days, you've got this whole "life" thing down pat: you're firing on all cylinders and feel invincible. You've got a bit of a swagger, even...you've got this, babe.

On other days, "life" feels like a sea of mediocrity. You feel boringly average and dull. You forget simple things like returning emails or follow up calls. You make stupid, rookie mistakes, and feel even worse.  At that point, it's a short journey from boring to 'why do I even bother?' 

I've come to realize, our life's purpose isn't about the pursuit of perfection. It's about the pursuit of a little better.

A little better than you were two years ago, five days ago, a minute ago.

A little better because you give a damn.

And by working your way with inches, you start to travel miles.

Along the way, you'll keep the things that matter to you, and release the things that don't. You'll be surprised at the things you thought you needed, but don't. You'll release more things than you ever thought possible.  

The purpose of life is to keep moving forward. Each step a little surer than the one before.

Perfection is impossible. A little better is not.

How are you going to be a little better?