vintage jet magazines

i am having a moment of nostalgia: when i was a little girl, my nana's house in brooklyn meant a lot of things: any kind of cereal we wanted, watching the magic garden on wpix-new york, and a display of jet magazines on the coffee table.

i'm really in love with these old covers. none of the stores where we lived in evansville, indiana sold jet magazine, so nana's house was the only opportunity to read about popular black culture. all the actress looked glamorous and effortlessly chic (to younger erica - now, i totally understand that type of style is not a 10 minutes-and-out-the-door-look. nevertheless, i'm still a fan.

what most people don't understand that ebony was the champagne of black magazines, it was we aspired to be. but jet? jet was the kool-aid; jet was who we were. jet had society pages, a pin-up beauty of the week, regional and small town news, and lots and lots of pop culture.

here are some of my favorite covers from the 70's and 80's.