some things you should never apologize for

I used to be an over-apologizer. I apologized for everything: sorry the restaurant is crowded, sorry you didn't like the movie, sorry the traffic is bad...I once apologized because the sunlight was too blinding. I'm not too proud of that one.

Studies actually show that apologizing for things that aren't your fault tends to make people blame you, when until your apology, they didn't think you were at fault. Oh, and it creates a little house of guilt, with each unnecessary apology furnishing your little shack with tacky low-self esteem furniture.

No more unnecessary apologies, ok? Don't apologize for:

laughing at yourself

crying in public

unexplainable fear


another adult's behavior

wearing clothes you like

dressing for the occasion

returning phone calls

saying please and thank you

asking a question

buying things on sale

paying full price

your looks

your smile

your sense of humor

your intelligence

your empathy

your dreams

your fears

your need to be alone

your need to be understood

your need to be loved

your ambition

your intelligence

your willingness to learn

your unwillingness to put up with bullsh*t

your love of travel

your love of your comfy bed


taking some time off when you need to

working your butt off when you have to

taking a job that pays the bills

gentle criticism

falling in love