moodboard no 1 - gilded edges

Mood Board no 1

Autumn is slow to arrive in the South. Morning is a crisp 50-ish degrees, and the afternoons reach the mid-80s. As a consequence, I'm always inappropriately dressed. Yesterday I wore a sweater and jeans in  87-degree weather. I've been spending the last few weeks trying to avoid weather altogether. Libraries, movies, cleaning house and museums have been my new hobbies. I just want it to be autumn.

I'm ready for cool afternoons and hot tea. For pumpkins and turtlenecks. For over the knee boots and chunky knits. I'm ready for everything fall brings.

I took these  photos while visiting the High Museum of Art in Atlanta; the gilded frames of the artwork. I took hundreds of pictures: of frames, of canvases, of walls and fragments of walls.

I've been fascinated about the things no one notices and the idea beauty as a complement to something bigger than itself.

I suppose this time of year is like the frames, a beautiful bit of space which surrounds something bigger than itself.

xoxo, erica