a letter to a creative, on her first day

photo: unsplash

photo: unsplash

I just love you. I really, really do. I love your chili pepper determination and your cotton candy enthusiasm. You are a girl on a mission. And I love you for it.  But underneath it all, I know you're scared. 

Here's what you need to know, right this second.

You don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

If you don't want to have a pop-up on your website, then don't have a pop-up on your website. If you don't feel comfortable on Snapchat, then don't get on Snapchat. If you can't give it 100% of your commitment, then don't do it. Seriously. It's not worth it.

Stop comparing yourself to other people

Ok. Hard truth: at one point you will look at someone else's work and think yours is better. As in, light years better. And then you'll see how much they got paid for their work, or maybe you'll see how they're featured in a big-deal magazine or website. And your ego will burn so hot, you could roast marshmallows over it. Or you'll see someone else's work and think....crap, it's sooooooo good. You'll think nothing you do will EVER measure up...so why try. You'll want to quit. Don't. Competition is not a bad thing. Use it to drive you, not depress you. 

Your website will change.

The website you have on day 1 is not the website you have at the end of year 5. That's just a fact. Build a website anyway. But maybe don't spend an awful lot of money until you know 100% what you're offering. Which brings me to...

photo: unsplash

photo: unsplash

Your what will change faster than your why

If you start out as a dog walking business, you might find there's a real need for a dog walker who is also a groomer. Don't say no to an opportunity just because it's not what you do. The why is still the same: you love animals. All you did was add another what to the list. S

Don't burn out.

You are doing everything: managing your website, juggling social media, invoicing, prospecting for clients, content curation for your blog, and networking. And you haven't created anything yet. Exhausting, right? I use block scheduling (I'll have a post on this later), and it's saved my sanity. Take time off, whenever you can. And protect it, like a mama polar bear protects her cubs.

You're gonna make it, and you'll be just fine. I'm rooting for you.