I Love Winter - Bella Grace Magazine

Seeing my name within the pages of a magazine or book never, ever gets old. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of the day I would walk into a shop and buy my work. This month I was honored to be published in the luscious Bella Grace Magazine, in their beautiful Winter issue.

For this piece, I made a list about how to enjoy the 89 days of winter. I love crisp winter days! It reminds me of my childhood and young adulthood in Indiana. Snow falls, the sky is gray, and mittens are mandatory. And that love has only grown since I've moved to Georgia. We don't have many frigid days, but I take advantage of the cold weather when it comes.

Here’s a tiny excerpt of the list:

“This is a time for warmth, no matter what the thermometer says or how early the sun sets. A time set aside for traditions, both old and new. For activities that warm our hearts as well as our hands. And for apple cider. There's always time for apple cider.

16. Play board games

17 Volunteer at a food pantry

18 Make pumpkin spice pancakes

19. Wear woolly mittens

20 Start a winter journal

21 Bake cinnamon buns”