How to Stop Procrastinating with One Easy Trick

stop waiting
how to stop procratinating with one easy trick

Making changes is a long, slow process. Anyone who says you can make an instant change is lying to you (or trying to sell you something very, very expensive).

Change starts with us of course. No one ever changes because someone else tells him to...he changes because he wants to be different from what he was before.

Once you decide to decide to make changes, but before you actually put those changes into place...well that's the honeymoon period. You're actually looking forward to making your life better, but you're not actually doing anything yet. It's the happiest part of your transformation, filled with lists, optimism, and general giddiness.

It's easy to hang out in the honeymoon phase for a while; some people never leave this lovely spot and settle in for a long winter.

Best practice? Set a timeline at the outset...say you want to go vegetarian...allow yourself one week of recipe collection and grocery shopping. And that's it.

Because you can prepare all you want, but at some point you have to step up to the microphone.

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