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I've been a busy little bee...trying to put in place all the creative things I want to do in the new year. I'm going to more conferences and events: both as a speaker and attendee. I'm working in an afterschool program (more on that in another blog post). And I'm expanding my comfort zone by writing new genres: most recently science fiction. The story below, Eighteen Minutes, was selected to appear in the 23rd edition of Eye To The Telescope, the journal of The Science Fiction Poetry Association. Read my story below, then hop over to the journal to read the other pieces.

Eighteen Minutes

COMMAND: Initiate Habitat 82 Evergreen Lane log entries, 2044/10/02/20:20-2044/10/02/20:38
BEGIN ENTRY 2044/10/02/20:20 – Motion detected, front door – habitat lights activated.
Input: Failed personal identification keystrokes, front door
Outgoing message: please try again.
Input: Failed personal identification keystrokes, front door
Outgoing message: please present thumbprint for alternate access.
Input: Failed thumbprint, front door.
Outgoing message: please check phone for verification code.
2044/10/02/20:24 – verification code 749162 sent
Outgoing message: enter verification code
Outgoing message: enter verification code
2044/10/02/20:26 – Improper Input, Audio Unit
Begin Audio: … Mom? Dad? I guess you guys left already? You set the house to ‘No Entry/Any User’ mode and I got all the way to Lula’s house before I realized I left my backpack in the kitchen … I can’t get in. And I left my cell phone at Lula’s house. Can you deactivate it, so I can get my stuff? I gotta get … End Audio.
Improper Input.
2044/10/02/20:28 – Improper Input, Too Many Tries.
Initiate Safehouse Procedure 2A: Protect Habitat and Interior—Highest Priority
Initiate High Voltage Criminal Personal Perimeter V.2.1.6
Initiate 911 police call
Police report made – estimated arrival time, 6 minutes
Outgoing message: You are trespassing at Habitat 82 Evergreen Lane. Do not move. The police are on their way. Do you wish to record a message in your defense? Enter *2 on the keypad, if yes.
Keypad entry: *2
Outgoing message: Begin recording
Begin audio: … MOM! DAD! Anyone! It’s ME! Don’t INITIATE the electric perimeter. PLEASE! DON’T— … End audio.
Incoming audio, remote access.
2044/10/02/20:29 Begin audio: … HONEY! What’s going on? We just got your message! Dad’s trying to disarm the house … Don’t touch ANYTHING, OK? The whole house is electrified. Dad’s going to … End audio.
2044/10/02/20:29:18 – Remote access login failed.
2044/10/02/20:29:55 – Remote access login successful.
Outgoing message to habitat user: ERROR. Press @ to resend message
Outgoing message to remote user: Habitat In Danger. Press #595 to disarm
2044/10/02/20:30:001 Habitat keypad entry: @
2044/10/02/20:30:002 Begin High Voltage Criminal Personal Perimeter V.2.1.6
2044/10/02/20:30:007 Remote access entry: #595
2044/10/02/20:30:09 Disarm High Voltage Criminal Personal Perimeter V.2.1.6
2044/10/02/20:34:10 Incoming message.
2044/10/02/20:34:40 Begin audio: … OK, honey, Dad disarmed the perimeter. Honey? HONEY? … End audio.
2044/10/02/20:35:40 Outgoing message to remote user: Habitat 82 Evergreen Lane, perimeter secured. Intruder disarmed.
2044/10/02/20:36:02 Outgoing message to remote user: Do you require further assistance?
2044/10/02/20:36:40 Awaiting Input:
2044/10/02/20:37:12 Awaiting Input:
2044/10/02/20:37:52 Awaiting Input:
2044/10/02/20:38 Awaiting Input:
End Log
2044/10/02/21:08 Habitat deactivation protocol initiated.



photo: sharonscrapbook.blogspot.com