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her & his

Writing is my passion, and poetry is my heart. and if poetry is my heart, then found poetry is my left ventricle. found poetry is when the writer uses the existing words on the page to create a new work.

In the case of her & his, my poems are from Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte's classic tale of romance and revenge. Like most Americans, I read Wuthering Heights in middle school. I hated it. I didn't understand why the other girls in my class thought of  Heathcliff as such a romantic figure. I've always seen him as a bit of a stalker/creeper, myself.

But I re-read Wuthering Heights last year. And sort of fell in love with it. The language, the setting, the pacing and suspense. But not the characters. I still haven't fallen in love with Heathcliff. But that's ok.

I fell in love with a love story.

So, I do what I do: I chopped it into tiny pieces and put it back together. Some poems are the exact words from the text, but with line breaks or no punctuation.

Other poems use a line or two of text as a starting point for an entirely new poem. I stepped way out of my comfort zone for this book, and I love it. I'm offering her & his on Amazon, but I made an extra special edition just for you. Lovingly formatted and created with minimal elements, it's available to my subscribers for free. Yeah. For you. For free. All because I feel in love. It's funny what love can do, huh?