Introducing Framework

framework book cover


Here's the briefest, quickest little sneak peek of my newest release, Framework

I've talked about the work that went into this book here and here and, you guys, I'm sooooo close to the finish line! 

This book was no accident, and is by no means slapped together: I've been writing A Poem Before Breakfast every morning for a little over two months now. I wanted to compile a book of some of my favorites (so far). But I wanted the book to be more than just a rehash of my favorite poems...that book would bore me, and certainly bore you. I wanted a cozy book with a minimalistic and arty background. But I had no idea how to make cozy-minimal-arty happen.

Cut to a trip to the High Museum of Art.  

I traveled into Atlanta for a Creative Mornings Atlanta event; afterward , the High graciously allowed attendees free admission the museum. It was 10 a.m., and I had a few hours before I met my husband for lunch. So I popped in for a visit.  I've been to the High many, many times, and the art was inspiring, but familiar. So I decided to focus my perspective on something new: the frames holding the art. How did the frames complement the art? What shadows did they cast? I took 300 photos that day...of corners, of edges, of shadows.

I left revved up and ready to make Frameworks. I had found the perfect backdrops for my poems: frames and edges and shadows and white walls.

framework excerpt

This is the cozy-arty-minimal book I'll reach for on those rainy afternoons; when I'm snuggled on the couch with my honey, and there's nowhere else I want to be.

This is that book.

Framework will be available on October 8. Get it here.